Authentic Guest Pacific Island Accommodation & Tours

As with our boutique travel providers, we focus on local accommodation. And also use the smaller tours that are owned and operated by the locals. Our customers are not just a number!  Therefore,before we recommend any accommodation or tour provider, we check them out first. For example, we actually go on the tours ourselves, to see what our customers would experience. Meeting the people behind the names are an essential part of our research. In fact, this is our point of difference – we’re able to find the perfect match for you.


Small group tours and activities in New Zealand

Our tour providers are mostly family owned and operated. Because their tour numbers are small, they can sometimes change the focus of the tour to suit you. So if there is something you are longing to see, but is not scheduled in the tour, they’ll do their utmost to make it happen. Our guys are 100% committed to giving you the best experience ever!

Hand-picked, boutique New Zealand accommodation

We love using beautiful boutique hotels, stylish Bed and Breakfast Lodges, Self-contained cottages, retreats and villas. However we can select some motel and hotel brands. Variety works well for our guests.

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This should be a very special trip for you, right? So why not use a local New Zealand travel expert to plan your holiday –  at no extra cost!