Who are you dealing with at GUEST Pacific

At GUEST Pacific, you get to speak with a real Pacific travel expert. You will get access to an expert who is actually based and living the South Pacific. We are proud of our local knowledge. In fact, this is our point of difference to other travel companies. Why using GUEST Pacific.

What we are doing for you

We are right there, on the spot, throughout your entire holiday. We know your Pacific dream destination so well – after all, it is our home.  That is why we confidently stand by our recommendations! You will get the gorgeous island experience of a lifetime! See how we work.

Background on Michael Nees

Michael Nees is the Company Director of Guest Pacific. He began his working career as a Police Officer in Frankfurt, Germany. After leaving Germany in 1986 for a holiday in the South Pacific, he fell in love with the natural beauty of the area and never left!


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Boutique travel in small numbers

Michael found a niche market in boutique travel with private guided tours and special accommodation away from the generic hotel brands. He has established a unique combination of smart integrated technology with personalized service and contact with his customers. See how GUEST Pacific works.

Authentic travel experiences

Michael’s focus has always been that discerning travellers get to experience an authentic and unforgettable holiday in the beautiful Pacific. Review locations.

This should be a very special trip for you, right? So why not use a local Guest Pacific travel expert to plan your holiday –  at no extra cost!